5 Reason that causes Bridezillas

5 Reason That Causes Bridezillas

Being that spring is here and wedding season is approaching you should get ready for the bridezillas to come out and their thorns to pop out their heads. There will be bridezillas all over the world pretty soon. Yelling at their fiancé, or firing the wedding planner. Crying over the dress that she picked out, and yellings she’s too fat. Demanding that her venue is perfect and making sure everyone listens to her and only her. One of the most important thing for bridezillas is a photos that should be perfect and shooted in right moment with wedding photographer Mexico.< /p>

Bridezillas can be a handful, but have you ever wondered what makes them bridezillas. Before the fiancé is engaged she’s perfectly normal just like the next lady. You see her every day at work or she’s your best friend forever. She’s laughing and happy and just a joy to be around. She loves life and life love her. So you have to wonder, what made her turn so nasty that now she is called a bridezilla.

The answer to that is stress. Stress can change someone and forces them to not act like themselves. For a woman, most have dreamed of their perfect wedding since they were a little girl. They have everything planned out in their heads from how the wedding looks to how the wedding goes. This dream is glued in their heads and they don’t want to compromise anything in their dream. If they pictured white doves flying over their heads as they march down then they want the flying doves to act right and fly appropriately just as planned. When reality finally hits and they realize they can’t have flying doves in the church, the dream is now tampered with and the bridezillas start from there.

Some soon to be brides hire a wedding planner and some take the jobs on by themselves. A lot of their fiancé tells them to throw the wedding of their dreams and some say you can have whatever you want. Some are warned and told from the beginning that there’s a budget, and to stay on the budget. With a lot of commands and rules there bound to be stress. Not following directions, or things not going as planned can also cause stress. So what actually causes the stress? What are the main factors and the main triggers that turn the soon to be bride into a bridezilla?