5 Reason that Causes Stress and What Triggers It and Makes a Bridezilla

#1 The Budget

So many people across the world are stressed out over money. Financial problems are one of the biggest issues and cause health problems and stress. Soon to be brides want the perfect wedding and the perfect wedding is usually way over budget and extremely costly. A wedding can go from $15,000 to a million dollar wedding. Although a million dollar wedding sounds beautiful, but the average person doesn’t have a million dollars. You have to take in the consideration of all aspects of a wedding including hiring Merida wedding photographer to get timeless pictures that will remain so for generations to come.

Stress can come in at worrying about the dress, the venue, the decorations, the food, and etc. Every bride-to-be wants the beautiful perfect white dress that’s one of a kind and that’s going to top off the next. Another stress with the budget can be that towards the middle of planning the wedding the budgets is now over budget. If the money is not coming up then usually there is compromising and changing taking place. That along can be a stressful situation.

#2 Bridal Party

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Usually, when you choose your bridal party you choosing your loves ones. Your relatives and your closest friends. People who have been around you and been there your whole life. They’re happy for you and excited to be apart of your day. Well, that’s usually how it starts off until that one maid of honor isn’t following direction. There’s always that one bridesmaid who doesn’t like the dress. Another bridesmaid never shows up to an event or doesn’t have the money to participate. One Groomsman always drunk and the other you don’t see until the actual wedding.

You can’t seem to get everyone to cooperate at the rehearsal dinner and someone is always secretly jealous of you, or envy you, and it shows while you’re planning the most important day of your life. The soon-to-be-bride usually mistaken her bridal party as the help and wants them to have her on speed dial. This can be a very complicated situation and has even ruined lifetime friendships.

#3 Honeymoon

Soon as the wedding is over with comes the honeymoon. The bride wants to go to Hawaii and Hawaii may just not be in the budget. There can be a lot of arguments on where to go and what they can actually afford. Being able to afford a honeymoon can get stressful and wanting the honeymoon of your dreams and it’s been compromised can become upsetting.

#4 Bachelor Party

The bachelor or bachelorette party can cause a lot of stress. Especially is the bride doesn’t want any parties going on. If the bride has asked for no wild parties and no strippers. The groom dreams of a wild party and not taking no for an answer. That can be one big fight by itself. Going overboard for the bachelor party can turn her into a bridezilla also.

#5 The Dress

The dress is probably one of the most important things of the entire wedding. The wedding dress has to be perfect. It has to make her look like Cinderella and skinny. If the dress doesn’t say I’m the prettiest woman in the whole wide world then it doesn’t work. The dress has to stand out, out of all the hundreds of dresses she has tried on. It has to say yes and only yes.

It can be stressful looking for a dress if you feel you gain a little weight, or you not curvy enough, or you too curvy. If you going for a specific look, or the ultimate princesses look. It has to scream itself out and say I’m the one in order for it to be the perfect dress. Not finding the perfect dress and cause major stress all by itself.